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Yosemite LbNA #15585

Owner:PenGwen Contact
Plant date:Jun 4, 2005
Found by: Woman to Blame
Last found: Oct 8, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 4, 2005
Now before anyone gets their knickers in a twist and gets all huffy about placing letterboxes in National Parks (N.P.) and having the Letterbox Police Squad of the National Park Service (L.P.S.N.P.S.) calling out their letterbox sniffing dogs (L.S.D.) this letterbox is NOT located on any of our land that is controlled by the National Park Service (N.P.S.).
At the intersection of Hwy 395 and the entrance to Tioga Pass find the “Whoa Nellie Deli” and drive into the entrance to the parking area. If you are arriving around mealtime stop now and enter the restaurant for a great bowl of clam chowder. If you are just interested in finding the letterbox (you will be sorry you didn’t go for the chowder!) drive by the climbing gear and park in the lot for the vista view. From the flagpole head north until you have an overlook of the area and the route you drove below. Look at 300 degrees and locate a green bush larger than the others nearby. This bush is near a large boulder and a green sign. After finishing your clam chowder (couldn’t stand not trying it huh) drive to that bush and rock area. The letterbox is located under movable rocks near the end of the large rock.
This location for a letterbox is due to some Ridgecrest letterboxers(Golden Trout and Red Squirrel) letting this placer know about the Whoa Nellie Deli and the great chow it serves.

Note: We have received a few notes advising that they couldn't find any Deli. All they saw was a gas station. Didn't bother to walk in to the building..well duh! Most Delis don't have car hop service.

When researching our clues please be aware that when previous searchers list “ATTEMPTED” on the clue sheets it may reflect more on their abilities as finders than indicate whether the box is viable or not. We do monitor our clues and boxes pretty well and appreciate the notes written to us by those that find or attempt our letterboxes.

Please contact placer directly or through the LBNA chat list regarding status rather than unofficial databases. Up to date status can only be ascertained from placer as other information services will not have current data. The placer does not appreciate listing information about this letterbox on unauthorized information services.