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Canyon Canoers LbNA #15405

Owner:artTrekker Contact Supporter
Plant date:May 29, 2005
Found by: MamaSquirrel
Last found: Jul 10, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 29, 2005
Planted in honor of first finders Don, A-bear and Cadenza & their trip down the river. New location & clues, 6/5/05:

From the south corner of Hangman's Bridge, sight "East Carson River" sign and draw a perpendicular from the highway, through this sign, to a large Ponderosa (long-needled) pine tree. From this tree, walk about 21 steps behind it (parallel to the bridge?) to the top of a rock outcropping, from which you can see back to the bridge and ahead to a small tributary. Look down to a good-sized crevice in the rock. Walk down to the bottom/back of this crevice. Box is hiding inside behind the wild rose, also under rocks (please replace).

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