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Wildcat Canyon #1 and 2 LbNA #15192

Owner:pawca Contact Supporter
Plant date:May 21, 2005
County:Contra Costa
Found by: I Spy North Team
Last found: Mar 29, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 21, 2005
Boxes 2, 3 and 4 have gone missing or been scavenged so don't go looking for them. #1 is still okay.

Distance: about 1 1/4 miles
Time: 1 to 1 1/2 hours depending on how you do with hills
Terrain: Hills, paved most of the way to these boxes.

Head for Wildcat Canyon Regional Park, Alvarado Area.

From Interstate 80:
Eastbound exit at Solano then right on McBryde
Westbound exit at McBryde, go left.
Alvarado area is at the end of McBryde. Continue to the Wildcat Creek Trail/Skyline National Trail parking at the end. Pick up a map. You don't really need it for the boxes but it might come in handy if you want to explore.

From the Wildcat Canyon staging area, head up hill on the paved, then gravel road. After going up for a while, take a break at the picnic table. Check out the view and the cluster of 3 trees at about 210 degrees. Your first prize, Wildcat Canyon #1, is in the rightmost one. (Hint: it's fairly small.)

Now get back on the trail and continue on up. When you get to it, take the Belgum Trail. It's up some more and through the gate. Don't forget to close it. This is grazing land. This trail will turn to dirt.
Go up some more and stop and read about the Grand Vista Sanitarium. If you want to explore for a while, try to find the foundation. Ok, now back on the road and, yes, you got it, onward and upward. Enjoy the view in the shade of the palm and then keep on going up until you get to the eucalyptus grove. After the last big tree on the right there's some large branches on the ground. Check behind them for Wildcat Canyon #2. There were no cattle grazing so far this day so I left you one! After stamping in, hide it thoroughly again then head back down, yes, finally down, the hill.
it can get pretty warm up here on a sunny summer day but the view is worth it. You can see from the Golden Gate Bridge on the left to, what's that, a herd of cows on the ridge to the right?
That's it for now. Follow the way you came back to the parking lot or explore some more. One of these days I'll get to #3 through #?

Drop me a line if you find these and let me know how they're doing.

Status as of 2/20/06 - #1 is alive and well, #2 does seem to be missing. There were cows nearby. Maybe they took umbrage.

As of 7/15/06 #1 is still in place. While checking it out I found a hitchhiker named Bighorn. It's not registered tho' so I will move it on but can't send a status.

Numbers 3 and 4 have been planted - see separate entry.