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Roaring River #2 - Devils Kitchen LbNA #15105

Owner:EdieSoCal Contact
Plant date:May 14, 2005
Planted by:skipper Contact
Found by: SW_MO_AS
Last found: May 18, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 14, 2005
Originally planted by skipper and adopted in June 2011 by EdieSoCal.

You will find Roaring River State Park just South of Cassville approximately 7 miles. You can go to the CCC park office by the hatchery to find an interpretive guide for the Devils Kitchen Trail. There are 2 trail heads for this trail. The closest trail head to the letterbox will be the one that starts near the junction of Highway 112 by the abandoned cabin on the hill. Along the trail there are several numbered signs. I'd like to tell you what the signs represent but they were out of the interpretive guide when we were there. If you enter the trail from the closest trailhead you will want to stay left when the trail split. You will pass the rock formations that have collapsed which are known as the Devils Kitchen and then you will need to start watching for the marker number 7. It is located at a small waterfall and stream that runs across the trail. With your back to the waterfall you will see a large cedar tree on the right of the running water. The letterbox can be found at the base of the cedar tree concealed by rocks. Good Luck!

This trail does get steep at spots and is not wheelchair accessible. I did this trail with my 2 young kids and they did fine. Please let me know how the box is doing.