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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! LbNA #15055

Owner:Chunna Contact
Plant date:May 13, 2005
Found by: Rock Island
Last found: Nov 12, 2017
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 13, 2005
This is a series of 3 boxes; it has no tangible relationship to the movie (except the quote), which is one of my favorites.
Stamps: Hand Carved

From Rte. 6: Take exit 7 and turn south towards Hyannis. Turn left onto Higgins Crowell Rd. Just past the Yarmouth Police Station (on left) is a small turnout on the left, pull in and park.
From Rte 28: Turn north onto Higgins Crowell Rd, go through the lights at Buck Island Road, turnout will be on your right @ ½ mile.

King of the Forest:
***REPLACED*** 1/18/07
Once parked walk up the path on the right of the bench, follow the path to the dirt road and cross. Continue on the path and you will pass an “island” in the middle and go down a small slope. Soon you will see water through the trees on your right, the path will fork, go to the right. Follow this path to the next fork and go right again. Follow this trail until you reach a “four way” intersection. Go 15 paces up the right path and on your left you will see a very unusual tree, it grew apart and then grew together! As you face this unusual tree at about 1 o'clock will be a 20 foot pine stump, The “King” will be hiding behind this tree under a small log & some bark

Tiger in the Hills:
Return to the “four way” intersection and go right ( straight if you did not detour for the “King”) continue on this course, past a path on the right to the water, unless you want to stop and look for frogs! At the next fork you will take a left, be careful there is a small path on the left before this, you don’t want to take that one. Take 80 paces down this trail from the fork, on your left you will see a group of five oak trees in a circle. The “Tiger” will be in his den in the middle of this cluster.

Bear in the Woods:
This can be found by two ways.
You can continue down the path until it reaches a road, you will see two brick buildings with chain link fence surrounding them (Town of Yarmouth water shed area). Turn left and take your second left on to a dirt road. Follow the road past a made-made clearing, (if you bring your pets be careful, there are a lot of glass shards) you will soon see the back of the Yarmouth Police station on your right. When you see a paved road ahead look to your right and keep an eye out for the path that you first came out on. Go 75 paces towards the paved road, on the left will be a small cluster of 4 small oaks with one broken about 5 feet up. The “Bear” is between this cluster and the oak tree to the left. I should note that if you go this way you have a good chance of seeing a red tailed hawk, if you pay attention, there is a very impressive nest along this route. You may even see some deer; their tracks were quite evident.

If you would like the shorter route, backtrack from the “Tiger” to the dirt road, turn left and count off the paces to the trees.

Dogs are welcome on leash, but please, only leave footprints behind.

Happy hunting!