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Forget-Me-Not LbNA #14778

Owner:Sondog Contact
Plant date:Apr 29, 2005
Found by: The Dragon
Last found: Jul 27, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 29, 2005
This will take you on a nice drive in the Coeur d'Alene National Forest, east of the City of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. To start your journey go to the east end of Sherman Avenue. Turn right on Coeur d’Alene Lake Drive. Drive for 3.1 miles until you reach Yellowstone Trail. Turn onto Yellowstone Trail and continue on for 2.2 miles to Blue Creek Road. Take Blue Creek Road for 3.4 miles to Meyer's Saddle. A blue road sign will read Blue Creek, Meyer's Hill. Take the left fork onto Forest Service Road # 499. A small brown sign reads 499, You are about to enter National Forest. Continue up this dirt road. 1.2 miles from Meyer's Saddle you will see an unused spur road on the right. To your left as you continue to drive on 499, you will see a hillside that has been logged. There are still some trees standing, but lots of stumps are visible. 0.3 mile after the first spur road, you will see a second unused spur road on the right side. The logging area is behind you now. Parking here by this second spur road will do nicely for you. Walk 50 steps from the second spur road going up the main road # 499. Stop and turn toward 340 degrees, you should see a small animal trail. Take 15 steps along this animal trail into the trees. Stop here and turn toward 270 degrees and take 12 steps. In the shadows of these trees you will see a stump with two large branches crossed over it. Stump is hollow look inside to find the letterbox.
Different times in the spring and summer you may find a variety of wildflowers and flowering bushes. Trillum, Shooting stars, Dogtooth Violets,Buttercups,Poppies, Forger-Me-Nots. Hope you will see this Forget-me-Not.
If you continue up Road # 499 you will reach Fernan Saddle. If you turn left off of 499 and go down the pavement, past the east end of Fernan Lake and on into Coeur d'Alene, you will have made a loop. Hope you enjoy the journey in a beautiful area. God Bless.
(hitchhiker friendly)

As of 2012, This letterbox is doing fine and is in place.

July 28,2005 Went up to check on the Letterbox. It had been displaced by some animal for the second time. I put it back together in a stronger box. The stamp is still good. There are teeth marks on the logbook and it is a little water damaged, but it is still in o.k. shape. Just want to advise finders to be aware of their surroundings, this Letterbox is in the wilds of North Idaho.

My letterboxes:
If you find one and it is in disrepair, in "bad" shape -Please simply notify me. I prefer to do my own repairs and/or replacements. Thanks.
Please do not use scented inks to stamp in this letterbox. This attracts unwanted attention from the wildlife.