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Whatcom Falls Park Letterbox LbNA #14771

Owner:ClioMouse Contact
Plant date:Apr 27, 2005
Found by: C-Dogg
Last found: May 30, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 27, 2005
Placed with Chrysotile!

Status: Box confirmed missing 7/16/06. New box with a new stamp in a new hiding place!

Whatcom Falls Park features plenty of hiking trails, pretty views of the falls and rivers, and swimming for those in for an adventure. There are no lifeguards, however, and jumping off the falls, though popular, is extremely dangerous. It is probably a better idea to just enjoy the view and stay out of the water!

To get to the park:
-From I-5 North and South, take Exit 253 to Lakeway Drive.
-Head West on Lakeway (when heading north, take a right on King and a left on Lakeway; when heading south, take a left on Lakeway)
-Follow Lakeway several miles (there will be a fork at one point, take the right fork)
-The entrance to Whatcom Falls Park is on your left, just past the cemetary
-Follow the main road through the park to the last parking lot before the fish hatchery. There will be a playground on your right.

To the box:
Start at the trailhead leading off from the side of the parking lot opposite the playground. You will cross a neat old stone bridge with a pretty view of one of the waterfalls, then come to several trail options. Take the left-most path, Lower Gorge Trail, following the bends of the river below. After a few minutes of walking,past a strange stump at about waist-height on your right, you will reach a point where you can leave the main path for a better view of the river on your left. After admiring the scenery, continue on the Lower Gorge Trail. You will need to keep an eye out for a dirt path on your right, though, since the letterbox you seek is just beyond it. After the dirt path (but not down it!) is a place where there is very little underbrush, allowing you to leave the path without disturbing nature. Stand at the side of the trail, facing the clearing. To the right of 90* from the path is a tree whose roots look like it is uprooting itself to walk away. Just beyond the tree, in the end of a rotting log, is the Whatcom Falls Letterbox.

Well, it was...until somebody absconded with it! It is now further into the woods on your left. Go past the rotting mass of logs towards a stump with a pointed top. Past that stump is a broken log in a V shape with the point of the V pointing towards you. In the V, under bark and debris, is the new Whatcom Falls Letterbox.

Please rehide carefully, and inform ClioMouse at yahoo dot com or magicmistocat at hotmail dot com of its condition! Thank you!!