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Dudley's been kidnapped! LbNA #14607

Plant date:Apr 20, 2005
Planted by:Mimulus Contact
Found by: winged gypsy (2)
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 20, 2005
The dastardly Snidley Whiplash has kidnapped Dudley-do-Right and absconded with the RCMP payroll money. Can you help find Dudley and bring Snidley to justice? The first four boxes will yield 2 stamps apiece and a clue to Dudley's whereabouts. Assemble those four clues to take you to the final spot where Dudley can be rescued. Please note: the operating hours of said place are as follows:

M 12-9
W 9:30-9
T, Th, Fri, Sat 9:30-6
Sun 2-6

PS: PLEASE note the last box will not be available until Wednesday April 27th, 2005.

Also, there is alot of Poison Oak in this park...I intentionally steered clear of any patches of "leaves of three"...but there is some nearby so be careful.

Nell and Inspector Fenwick
Sonoma County
Santa Rosa
Summerfield Drive
Carissa Drive
Annadel Heights
Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Trail
Right Fork
Barb wire fence perpendicular to the trail
Go left along wire 30 feet
Knot in Oak Tree (the closeby log is a nice step stool)

Rocky and Bullwinkle
Keep heading down rocky path (watch your step)
Turn right at "T"
Turn left at second "T"
Cross Wooden bridge
Turn right at third "T"
Walk along, walk along upstream (on the trail)
Picnic table
Walk along the long mossy log on the left towards the creek
Climb over log and make way to the second trunk
Large mossy hole at your feet
Step up,look in small hole (box is under a mossy rock......take care when replacing)

Peabody and Sherman NOTE: THe tree hosting the red boulder has fallen in a is probably still there..just extremely difficult to find since probably under the tree.
Up, up, up the trail
Into a clearing
Just before fording creek turn left
Walk along faint trail and take left fork
walk towards manmade circle of rocks (hidden when grass is long)
Turn left at the rocks
Slight uphill to trees
At foot of tree under red rock nestled next to boulder

Boris and Natasha
Back uphill
climbing, climbing, climbing
Past dead manzanitas on right
Turn left when you reach the lake
Pass the picnic bench
Ford concrete spillway (may be wet after alot of rain)
Sit at bench
Look across trail to manzanita
Check under rock at base of manzanita

This is a 3 mile roundtrip, or you can make it a slightly longer loop hike by crossing the damn at the lake and turning right at the first fork. (Consult the map at the trail signage near the damsite picnic table.) Follow the Canyon trail where it meets back up with your original trail at the wooden bridge. The Canyon trail is especially beautiful in the spring with fields of lupines, poppies and buttercups.