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Olive Tree Letterbox LbNA #14520

Owner:ClioMouse Contact
Plant date:Mar 25, 2005
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found: Jun 18, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 25, 2005
There is a $6 parking fee for this park. You can either spend a day here and also attempt Funhog's "Towering Oaks" letterbox, or possibly park down the street at the smaller park and walk to the bigger one (although I don't know if that's frowned upon...). Funhog's "Towering Oaks" driving directions should get you to the park, and you can follow these directions to this box from there.

Please be careful of ticks and poison oak, as we had run-ins with both while we were here!

From the entrance gate, follow the main road toward the picnic area until you reach the restrooms. If you are only here for the boxes, you may want to park at the restrooms instead of the picnic area.

From the restrooms, continue down the main road past campsite #23, which will be on your right. Just past it is a small trail marked with an arrow sign on a post, also on your right. Start down this trail.

Follow the main path as it passes a meadow (on your left) and curves to the left. Ignore the paths that branch off of the one you are on. Eventually, you should come to a post with a "4" on it, beyond which are the interesting remains of a tree. Across the path from these two features is a log lying perpendicular to the path. At the end farthest from the path, hidden within the log, you will find the Olive Tree Letterbox.

Please e-mail ClioMouse at yahoo dot com with comments and to let me know how this box is doing!