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Terrapene carolina Letterbox LbNA #14433

Owner:Mumma & Bunny Boy Contact
Plant date:Apr 13, 2005
Found by: Rock Island
Last found: Mar 19, 2021
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 13, 2005
Stamp: Hand carved
Terrain: Easy - 1/2 hour walk through woods (longest route)

This box is planted in Coy's Brook Woodlands, Harwich, MA. The stamp is my first hand-carved stamp (be kind - I really have gotten better!)

The name for this box is the scientific name for the Eastern box turtle, a MA Species of Special Concern. They are a small to medium sized turtle with a domed carapace (upper shell) usually marked in an orange or yellow pattern on a dark background. A hinged plastron (lower shell) allows the turtle to close up tight when predators approach, hence the name box turtle.

If you take the yellow trail, when you get to the bench, have a seat & look around (with eyes, not hands, please). These turtles have been seen not far from here. If you do see one, please observe, but do not disturb. As a Species of Special Concern, it is illegal to remove/bother them.

To get there:

Take Route 6 to Exit 9A. Go right off the exit ramp & go straight through the 1st set of lights. At the next set of lights, take a Left onto Theophilus Smith Road. Follow to the stop sign (the Dennis transfer station should be on your left) & take a Right (South Gages Way). Follow to the next stop sign. Take a Left onto Great Western Road & follow for approx 2 miles. Take a Right onto Lothrop Ave & go .3 miles. Coy's Brook Woodlands is on your Right.

To the Green Trail: (3 ways to get to the Green Trail)

Start at the fence & follow the Salmon/Yellow trail.

1) For a short walk go right & follow the Yellow trail until you have to choose right(Salmon/Yellow) or left(Salmon). Go left & follow the Salmon trail a short distance until you see the Green Trail on your left. (Look carefully - we missed it & we knew it was there!) If you get to the White trail, you have gone too far.

2) For a longer walk with some beautiful views, go Left & follow the Salmon trail until you see the Green trail on your right (Look carefully!) If you meet back up with the Salmon/Yellow or Yellow trail, you have gone too far.

This letter box can also be accessed by riding the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

From the East: Look for the Lothrop Ave shortly after the bike rotary. Cross Left across Great Western Road & look for the wooden bike rack on the Right (.1 mile).

From the West: Look for Lothrop Ave as you ride parallel with Great Western Road & a cranberry bog. Cross Right across Great Western & look for the wooden bike rack on your Right (.1 mile).

3) Once you have parked your bikes, follow the White trail in until you meet with the Salmon trail. Go Left onto the Salmon trail until you see the Green trail on your right (Look carefully!) (I have never actually taken the White trail in. If you do, please let me know how it is & if the directions were OK.)

To the box:

Once on the Green Trail, follow to the water's edge. This is the remnant of an old cranberry bog that has now filled in with (mostly) White Atlantic Cedars. Turn around & go 9 steps back and look to the Left for a fallen Pine. Your prize is to the left of the Pine stump covered with leaves & branches.

Please re-hide well & I would love to hear updates!

If you need a REALLY short walk, please "contact the placer" and I will give you the quick route.

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