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Celtic Letterboxes LbNA #14304

Owner:CSB bc Contact Supporter
Plant date:Aug 14, 2004
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: Jonquille
Last found: Oct 5, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 14, 2004
Location: Aldergrove Lake Regional Park
Difficulty: The park deems this a moderate 4 km loop

Enter the park from the 8th Avenue entrance near 272nd Street. Follow the access road crossing the little bridge with the babbling brook, and turn left. You'll begin at Pepin Brook Trail on your left.

Celtic Box I

At the first fork in the trail turn left, keeping to Pepin Brook Trail. At the second fork do the same. As the path descends watch for two sentry maples, and continue on for 37 paces. Check the Maple above and to the right.

Celtic Box II

Another repetitious fork. You'll go under and over before seeing a T, where you should be left with no doubt which way to go. Another over with a babbling brook, and as you stroll along you'll pass a burnt out tower on the right. Continue up a small incline to find two large cedars on the left. 15 paces further on the right, see the birch and cedar. They're very close friends, and they share a secret.

Celtic Box III

Two more overs. (the second has a restful spot for the weary) Before too long, you'll pass by, or between two trios. On and on until your journey takes you across and up a small clearing passing near the Dale McNabb Observatory on your left. Re-enter the trail and watch for three pale fellows who have now become two. You'll have to be cautious and very discreet here as these two are hugging the trail.

Continue on until you reach the access road, and keep to the left to end what you started.