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Rainbow Brite Series #4 - Canary Yellow LbNA #14217

Plant date:Mar 26, 2005
Found by: Lichen Hikin'
Last found:Jul 16, 2006
Last edited:Mar 26, 2005
While traveling the U.S. Pacific Coast, I happened across Rainbow Brite and her friends, the Color Kids. Every 80’s child, and lots of people besides, will remember the cartoon girls and boys who provide color for Earth to make it “bright and beautiful.” I found all these colors on my travels, and you can find them and Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids, too!

Please let me know if you attempt to find these boxes! I cannot check on them all, being too far away, so please let me know how they are doing, and take along a rescue kit in case they need some repair! Thank you!

Rainbow Brite: Pe Ell, WA (Rainbow Falls)
Red Butler: Hopland, CA (Hwy 101)
Lala Orange: Hopland, CA (Hwy 101)
Canary Yellow: Paradise, CA (Paradise View)
Patty O’Green: Puyallup, WA (Bradley Lake Park)
Buddy Blue: Berkeley, CA (Wildcat Canyon)
Indigo: not yet placed, OR
Shy Violet: not yet placed, OR

Canary Yellow Letterbox

Always fond of grace akin to that of a ballerina, Canary Yellow is watching the birds from above at the fantastic vantage point provided by Paradise Lookout Point. When I was here in late March, there were also many kinds of little yellow flowers covering the ground.

Hike Difficulty: Easy (mostly flat, some slight incline...BUT BE CAREFUL! This is a CLIFF with NO SAFETY RAILING! Little children should NOT be let out of your sight, if they are even brought along. The cars below may be there at the choice of the owners, but accidents CAN and DO happen, and I do not want ANYBODY getting hurt!! Please note that these directions will not lead you close to the cliff, much less over it.)
Clue Difficulty: Easy
Dogs: Yes (no scoop stations; ON LEASH!)
Bikes: Not much room for it

Directions to Location:
You will need to be heading west out of Paradise to reach the Lookout, as you cannot take a left off of The Skyway.
Take Hwy 99 south of Chico, then head east on The Skyway to Paradise. Once in town, turn back around and head west on Skyway. Lookout Point will be about halfway back down The Skyway. It has a sign on the right, and you can see it ahead (a gap in the guardrail with some parking space and a good view over the canyon) as Skyway curves to the left. Park (someplace safe!) to the left after coming through the guard rail.

Directions to Box:
From the parking area just inside the gap of the guard rail, facing out over the canyon, go right, up the slight incline. When you notice two poles, take the left fork. Near the cliff on your left are three big trees. Stand between the second and third (but AWAY from the cliff!!) and head towards The Skyway. As you veer right, keep the large pine on your right. As you cover the rocky pathway, there will be a large, flat boulder in front of you. South of it is a large, darker boulder with moss and lichen. It is at the edge of a clump of bushes. Underneath the left side is a group of smaller rocks, which hide the Canary Yellow Letterbox.