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Toy Box #3: Monopoly LbNA #13869

Owner:ArchimedesScrew Contact Supporter
Plant date:Mar 19, 2005
Found by: Donutz716
Last found: Oct 18, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 19, 2005
This is the third in a series of kid and adult-friendly letterboxes celebrating classic toys.

Wilbur Park may not be Park Place, but it is a pleasant area for families and children of all ages. Bring a board game, a book, or a picnic and enjoy Bass River.

To get to Wilbur Park:

From Route 6, take Exit 8. At the off ramp, head towards Station Ave (South Yarmouth.) At the first set of lights, take a left onto White’s Path. At the end, take a right. Bear slightly left at the fork onto Great Western Road and drive until you get to the end with a blinking stop light. Take a left onto Highbank Road. Look for Wilbur Park on the right before you get to the bridge over Bass River. Your search for the letterbox will start at the entrance gate.

Find the post on the right with numbers standing on their heads. Stand beside it with the post to your right, looking away from Bass River. Beyond the two posts straight ahead, find 4 that are lined up perpendicular to the road (the third from the right is the runt.) Sight between the first and second posts as the crow flies a white pine with a rock behind it. Your treasure is under the rock beneath the pine.

*The stamp pad has gone missing, so please make sure you bring your own.*