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Old Time Theater - Act II LbNA #13727

Owner:pilgrimsinthisland Contact Supporter
Plant date:Apr 9, 2006
Found by: (hidden)
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 9, 2006
For best results bring yellow and dark blue markers.
This is an easy drive by.
HELP...this one needs a new book and we won;t be there for a while, so, if you can help it owuld be greatly appreciated.
thank you.

A new batch of popcorn for Act II! Yum, Yum.
Back to original location, with a twist.A brand new stamp and logbook.

Take Highway 62 from Palm Springs into Yucca Valley. Pass through Yucca Valley and as you enter Joshua Tree on the right side of the highway you will notice the High Desert Theatre. A quaint 'Old Time' looking theatre. We planted the original letterbox here to commemorate our first play we watched here, "The Little Princess" which had cast members who are friends of ours that have since moved to Twin Falls Idaho. Turn into the parking lot and find a parking spot.
Hmm, is that roadrunner looking out for rattlesnakes on the rocks? Watchout! Or perhaps some popcorn. Yum! Unfortunately popcorn and live theaters do not go together, but we are providing popcorn anyways.
Notice the direction the roadrunner is looking. Do you see the sign saying, No Left Turns. Walk to the sign (and the baby Joshua Tree) There is a short brick wall. Count 12 steps going along the wall but away from the highway. Stop. Look on the other side of the wall. Under the small concrete slab you should find your buttered popcorn.
Enjoy your popcorn, but please leave it for others too.

Enjoy!!! Yum!
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