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Passion on the rocks LbNA #13623

Owner:Erfellie Contact
Plant date:Mar 3, 2005
Found by: FORAYCH
Last found: Mar 23, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 3, 2005

Placed by: Sandi & Duchesne
Clue difficulty: easy
Trail length: ½- ¾ of a mile round trip
Trail difficulty: easy
Hiking difficulty: moderate

“Passion on the rocks”
If it weren’t for my passion for rock climbing my wife and I would most likely never have been introduced to letterboxing. The reason being is that after we had climbed to the top of Broughton Bluff (in Troutdale) where I proposed to my wife, we rappelled down and on our hike out I noticed what I thought was some miscreants trash. Only on our hike out did we realize that this wasn’t garbage that we were packing out, but someone’s letterbox. Long story short, we are now happily married and we both climb together all over Oregon’s beautiful formations! The letterbox was returned and now we present to you one of three of our own. We hope you enjoy the area as it has been our playground for quit sometime.
Duchesne & Sandi

Take interstate 5 to exit # 61 (North of Grants Pass) and head west on Merlin-Galice road approximately 9 miles. Stop at Hellgate Canyon Viewpoint for a looky-lou, then get back in your car and drive down river just past the end of the guardrail. There is a hidden road on your left. Go to the end of that road and park your car. There is a trail, follow it up river until you come to a huge boulder on the beach. Once you reach the boulder, continue along the rivers edge making your own trail towards the huge canyon wall straight ahead of you. Once you reach the wall look for a lone tree about 20ft. tall growing on a ledge 2/3 the way up. Stand in front of the wall (about arms length away) directly under that tree. The box is located below your feet under rock and bark. Please remove carefully, try not to disturb the natural foliage around the box. Replace it as though no one has ever been there.

P.S. This box has no inkpad or pen, so bring your own. Also you might want to bring a pair of binoculars. On a good day you might see river otter, blue heron, osprey and Wild rafters! Beware in the warmer months you may come across snakes, so just be careful and remember you are in their back yard. Have Fun!