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Peace II LbNA #13591

Owner:Jabber Contact
Plant date:Feb 27, 2005
Found by: Choi
Last found: Sep 22, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 27, 2005
NOTE FROM artTrekker
Just wanted to let you know I found Peace II on September 22. I also tried to get to Bombs Away--I could actually get past the boulders, and also past the spot where the right side of the road had fallen away, but further on, deep ruts stopped me and I turned around. I also wanted to
let you know that I put your little ziploc package in a round tin, so it has more protection now. Thanks for planting!

This box was supposed to be a hitchhiker placed with Bombs Away however, the road was closed so it became of box (bag) of its own. Take the road to the bomb site which is the turnoff on South Bank Road on the side of the Chetco River bridge. Drive up and make the turn when you see the sign that says Bomb Site Trail 9-1/2 miles. When we were there there was a sign laying by the side of the road that said "Road Closed 3-1/2 miles ahead." We went anyway and sure enough, 3-1/2 miles up this gravel road there were big rocks blocking the way. We backed up and turned around (we had a rental SUV) and went back down about 2/10ths of a mile where there is a pretty rocky stream. The box (bag) is hidden under the 7th rock from the rock that is jetting out over the culvert counting the jetting rock as #1.

This is a scarry ride be sure you have all wheel drive available. It took us 45 minutes to get this far.