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Deer Tracks LbNA #13452

Owner:Dizzy Contact
Plant date:Feb 15, 2005
Found by: Queen City Sleuths
Last found: Apr 23, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 15, 2005
*** I have been told that this box has gone missing. I will replant within the month (May 05) and will edit this page when it is replanted. ***

This box was placed by a 12 year old that is using letterboxing as a homeschool project. This is a good family box that is near a playground and some wonderful hiking trails. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the beauty. Please visit for more information about Springfield-Greene County Parks!

To locate Ritter Springs Park, follow Hwy 13 north from Springfield to the Fantastic Caverns road. Turn West toward Fantastic Caverns and follow approximately 1-1/2 mi till you see a sign indicating to turn for Ritter Springs. Drive all the way into the park to the playground and stop.

Locate the cannon in the southwest portion of the play area. Stand directly in front of the cannon's mouth. Face north then turn 142 degrees. At this bearing, you will see a picnic table directly in front of you. Walk to the picnic table and stand on the SE corner of the concrete pad. Face SE and you will notice a large concrete block (looks like a large rock). Begin to walk toward the block, but just prior to reaching the block, you will reach a group of stumps. Stand on the left-most stump. Turn to a bearing of 80 degrees. Begin to count paces - size should be regular stride - and when you reach 17 paces you will literally run into a tree. Go around this tree for 6 more paces (23 total). At this point, you should be directly in front of 2 trees, just inside the park limits (marked by barbed wire). Look between the 2 trees, specifically at the ground on the right-hand tree. You will notice a hollow in the tree.

* Be careful before reaching in the hollow... at the time of placing, there were no animals or reptiles living in the hollow.

** Due to pace length differences, if you get to the barbed wire (about knee-height), you have gone too far! Beyond the barbed wire is not park property. Turn around and the correct trees should be directly in front of you.

*** This box was placed with permission from Springfield Greene County Park Board. The Park Board is very willing to approve boxes that do not disturb nature! Please make sure you receive approval before placing any boxes on park property to avoid having your box confiscated. Please also consider picking up any litter you come across, as a general "thank you" for allowing this box to be placed.