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EASTERlin-ly_down for repair LbNA #13442

Owner:A.M.A. and ANT Contact
Plant date:Feb 14, 2005
City:Fort Lauderdale
Found by: jessica ahl
Last found: Jan 30, 2021
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 14, 2005
*** 12/12/06 UPDATE***
***water got into the box so I took it down to replace it***

1000 NW 38th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309-6501

About the park:
This county park is buffered from the surrounding neighborhood by cabbage palms, red maples, oaks and 100-foot cypress trees that are 250 years old. Beyond this natural screen, the park offers a nature trail, fishing, basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, picnic area with tables, grills and one shelter, showers, restrooms and a playground. If you're interested in camping, Easterlin's features include 55 RV and tent rental campsites, 45 with water and electricity. Primitive group camping is also available by reservation to nonprofit groups.

Directions to the park from I-95:
Exit on Commercial Blvd. heading west, turn south on Powerline Road.
Make a right (west) on NW 38 Street.
You’ll see the entrance to Easterlin Park on your left past the railroad tracks.

Park your car near the big playground area past the offices.

New location (replaced after hurricane Wilma):
· Your quest begins here.
· From the playground, look across the street, you should see a picnic area. To the right there are bathrooms; to the left there are woods.
· Walk to the wooded area; soon you will see the entrance to the nature trail. Enter the trail. The trail curves left.
· Soon you will come to an exit don’t take it continue the trail to the right.
· When you come to another spit in the trail go right again.
· A few steps further you will notice on a right a tree “hugging” a Palm (take notice of the type of tree), few step further on the next split in the trail go right.
· Ahead there will be a few curves in the trail, right, left, ect… keep going till the next split and to right.
· More curves ahead, notice to your right now there is a canal parallel to the trail.
· Facing the habitat restoration, take the path to your right.
· Very soon you’ll see a “Florida hill” go up the small trail and continue along the top of the dune. Travel towards the “Sun” till you reach the metal fence.
· Continue the trail to your left staying parallel to the fence that’s on your right side.
· Soon after the path curves away from the fence you will find another split in the path.
· The curve leading you to the right has a massive tree with many “hugging” roots.
· Carefully make your way to the right side of the tree where a root seems to come up like a small wall.
· Go around the wall and face the tree about eye level (if you’re 5 foot like me) you’ll find a notch between the branches.
· Carefully remove the strategically placed rocks and debris to find what you seek.