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First aidDevil's Ice Box LbNA #13272

Plant date:Jan 22, 2005
Planted by:Lnd-Crzr
Found by: bed_beard
Last found:May 16, 2020
Last edited:Jan 22, 2005
*** Updated 4/6/08 ***

Please be discreet in your LBing and prudent in your re-hiding as Rock Bridge receives about 250,000 visitors a year.

Devil’s Ice Box is a cave with nearly 7 miles of mapped passages and home to two colonies of endangered bats. Devil's Icebox Cave is closed to entry except for those participating in Wild Cave Tours or Experienced Caver Trips offered Aug. 1 through Oct. 8. A maternal colony of endangered gray bats uses the cave in early summer and hibernating endangered Indiana bats use it in the winter. To help protect the bats, tours are not offered at these times. It is located at the base of a double sink hole in the heart of Rock Bridge Memorial Sate Park, just south of Columbia Missouri. For specific travel information, go here:

Be aware that there are two primary entrances into the park, the one on top of the hill, with the main office, and a lower entrance down in the valley. The lower entrance is the Devil’s Ice Box and Rock Bridge entrance you’ll be using for this LB.

Rock Bridge is a fascinating park and really requires the better part of a day to enjoy. Nearly 15 miles of trails and more karst features you can shake a stick at. Be aware, the DIB LB is not alone!

From the parking lot take the board walk to the double sink hole that is the entrance to both Devil’s Ice Box and Connor’s cave. On the decking above the sink holes is a large informative plaque regarding Devil’s Ice Box. This will be your starting point. Turn away from the plaque and take the middle boardwalk (the one leading up-hill). Begin counting rail-posts as soon as you take your first step up. When you reach the 17th post, hop over the railings and find an unmarked trail/small drainage that runs up hill (roughly 110°). From the railing go28 PACES (the trail will curve to the right about half way). On the left of the trail you’ll find a small semi-hollow stump. From this stump go 6 ½ paces at 52° where you will find another low stump. Hidden within, under several stones, is the box you seek.

Before leaving be sure to snoop out the close-by Connor’s Cave LB.

PSA: No LB should suffer from improper re-hidation! Re-hide with care.

Enjoy and drop me a line if you find the DIB LB.