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Rocky Mountain Elk (GFCS #11) LbNA #13268 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Aug 14, 2004
County:Salt Lake
Planted by:Cadenza
Found by: Familyof6
Last found:Apr 14, 2008
Last edited:Aug 14, 2004
Unfortunately, I've been emailed saying the area is cordoned off with no trespassing signs, so this letterbox may not be available. I'm not in the United States anymore to fix this, so if anyone finds the box and wants to replant it for me, just let me know and we can coordinate an adoption.

This box was planted as part of the Gifts From Connecticut Series. We received the letterboxes as part of a special gathering with Butterfly of Connecticut. At that time, Salt Lake had been hit with a massive snow storm and I was not able to plant the letterboxes until my next trip to UT. I only had limited time that day to find a spot, the location for this box may change, so make sure you check the clue again before looking for it.

Difficulty: easy

Copperton is a small town that was built by miners during the developing years of the American West. It is still close to some mining activity and home to some families. The letterbox is hidden at the area for the field house for what was Bingham High School and later Bingham Middle School. The lot is now clear except for the old track and field. You can turn right off the main road and park at the top. Go into the track area. You will see a retaining wall that appears to be made of cement railroad ties. Toward the end, in the section that only has five ties, you will find the letterbox. It is hidden between the third and fourth ties on the right hand side.