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Mt. Tam LbNA #13109

Owner:bonedoc Contact
Plant date:Apr 26, 2008
Found by: Jillybean
Last found: Feb 4, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 26, 2008
This box not far from the Rated X box. Please see the Rated X box clues for directions.
This is a high foot traffic area and the box could be visible if not properly covered. X-tra care must be taken when re-hiding it. Thanks!

Start at the Rated X box.
Go up the path towards the fire watch tower and walk around the right side of it.
You will come to a metal pipe that crosses your path.
Follow this pipe to the right and down. You will have to climb over some rocks to get down.
From where you are standing you should see the parking lot below, Lake Lagunitas to your right, the Observatory straight ahead and a large rock to your left.
Look at the base of the big rock to your left, between the crack and on the ground to the left. The box will be hidden under several rocks. Be quick, people frequent the area above. Please stamp in somewhere else.
Take some time to re-cover the box with those rocks.

Note: This box was originally planted on 01/15/05 and then was reported missing from Amanda from Seattle on 05/22/07. It was re-planted on 04/26/08. Please take extreme caution to re-hide this one (and take it somewhere else to stamp in). This is such a popular spot it will be tough.