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CVG LbNA #12957

Owner:bzmom Contact
Plant date:Jan 2, 2005
Found by: Happy Family Fun
Last found: Sep 28, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 2, 2005
A short walk.

Just a little information: This was placed to honor a young friend of ours that is now serving our country in the National Guard. His unit got called up while he was in basic training. He could be on “active duty” for almost 2 years.

The Clues: Once on campus you will want to head toward the mountain campus. As you drive, watch out for deer, you will see a granite monument on your right at the edge of a field. You want to turn right onto a dirt road immediately past this monument. Park there. Walk around the yellow gate and continue down the dirt road. Eventually you will come to a stone bridge. (I can remember how beautiful this was over the lake!) Cross over the bridge. Count about 140 steps down the road from the bridge. Crazy, I know, but I’m not good with distances and didn’t have a tape measure. On the left there is a dead tree on the edge of the road and it is covered with vines and such. To the right you should see a decent sized V tree. There is a dead tree fallen into the V. Where the dead tree touches the ground and breaks is where you will find the box.

Please rehide well!

*** Just wanted to update. CVG did spend an entire year in Iraq. Thank goodness he made it home safely. He is now attending school at the University of Auburn and still remains in the Guard.