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Danielson Campground LbNA #12799

Plant date:Dec 26, 2004
Planted by:PeterK Contact
Found by: Kelsung
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 26, 2004
OK as of 10/07/2007.
This is a 6.4-mile hike, including return (90% of it on a paved road), with 654 feet elevation gain, on the Big Sycamore Canyon Trail which is located in the Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa National State Park.
To reach the park from FWY 101: Exit on Wendy Dr, south to Lynn Rd, west to the park entrance (just west of Via Las Brisas).
From the park's parking lot: Follow the signs, first to the Satwiwa Culture Center (0.3 miles on a dirt road), then stay on the paved road, which is the Big Sycamore Canyon Trail. After 3 miles on the trail you will see an inhabited house in front of you and the Daniel Campground Common Use Area to the east of the trail. Proceed east to the southernmost point of the circular wall with a big chimney (some hundred yards off the paved road in the common use area). From this point, at 42 steps due south is a tree, in which an adult could stand. Do not stand in it because you would step on the (plastic) letterbox.
Cover the box well with bark and leaves when done.