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Palm Tree Mystery and I Love Palm Springs LbNA #12712

Owner:pilgrimsinthisland Contact
Plant date:Dec 18, 2004
City:Palm Springs
Found by: Kelsung (2)
Last found:Sep 17, 2020
Last edited:Dec 18, 2004
Aha! finally another letterbox in this lovely place. Let's hope this one stays put. We were going to replant elsewhere, but I tell you in this beautiful city there are so many gardeners all around, a letterbox is sure to be removed within the city limits.

Well, the mystery for this one is, how many trees can you actually see from this vista?
This is a very easy letterbox.
do be careful though, there are rattlesnakes and spiders out here especially in hot weather.

Follow Hwy 111 (Or Palm Canyon Drive) if you are travelling East go through the intersection at Gene Autry, turn south, or right, onto Broadmoor. It is a very short block. Drive until just before the pavement ends and park your vehicle. Parking along the curb alongside the shopping centre is okay.
Box #1 Palm Tree Mystery
Notice the steel gate blockading the gravel road. Walk up the gravel road going around the gate and begin the ascent of this not so mighty hill. Walk about 400 to 500 paces(depending on your stride) which should take you around the bend and slightly beyond, until you notice a slab of rock(really a giant wall) to your right. There is graffitti on the rock and evidence of oxidation. Turn with your back to the slab and notice a rock hill across a very small valley. Begin to walk in this direction. Be careful. About 5 paces before you would fall off the cliff you should find a pile of rocks. Atop the pile, to be sure you have the correct pile, you will notice broken brown glass bottle pieces. This marks the spot. Now before you begin to 'dig' take a look out over Palm Springs. wow! look at all those palm trees!! Enjoy the view, hope you enjoy your stay...
this box is sort of an orphan, ahem, a snowbird orphan is the closest description, so May to September needs some TLC.
Continue on to the next box.
Box#2 I Love Palm Springs!!
a special plant in times for Valentine's...
This box is a dedication of sorts for my wonderful husband too who's initials are the same as Palm Springs.

Continue up the gravel road until you reach another old metal gate(made of chain link fencing), it should be open,(if you aren't watching carefully you may miss it) they have never closed it yet. You will also see some old wooden fence posts to your left. Wander up between the old yellow machinery wreck and the fence posts, you should find a trail that meanders up to a hill/vista point(for some a little red rock mountain). Follow that trail. It is the first little hill, not the second one!!!Go to top of the first little mountain (only about 200 feet from the gravel road)it is fairly flat on top(there are two tiny bushes right on top, side by side), on the easterly side of the top of the hill(in front of the bushes), the one that faces the 'target'(ha ha)there is a crack about 3in. wide that runs from north to south. You shall find what you are looking for in this crack hiding beneath a rock.
Note**this container is smaller than the first box you found today)
Now this is a great place to catch the view! You can return the way you came, or continue past the next hill toward the road and see where your vehicle is. It has been found as recently as Dec 2006, so it IS there.

Hope you had fun.