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The Frolicking Place (No Clues) LbNA #11813

Owner:Tara Contact
Plant date:Oct 24, 2004
County:San Mateo
Found by: Gremlands
Last found: Jul 4, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 24, 2004
This box is located at Sierra Vista school in Daly City. I'm not sure if the school is abandoned or what the deal is, because nobody is ever there. We like to take the dogs to run around up on the field there since it is right around the corner from our house. That's why this is called the frolicking place :) So bring your dog if you have one!
The school is located at 257 Longford Drive, at Dundee. Find your way up to the field. Find the tree up the hill towards the freeway that is aligned with the goal post nearest to the basketball court. The letterbox is located in the middle of a 4-trunked tree just to the left of the aligned tree and underneath some Eucalyptus bark and sticks.