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Go Vikes! LbNA #11631

Plant date:Oct 2, 2004
Planted by:bzmom Contact
Found by: Diamond Stars
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 2, 2004
A short walk.


Just a little information: The Viking is, of course, the school mascot. This box is placed around what used to be known as Victory Lake. Sometime in 1989 or 1990 all the water disappeared from the lake. A sinkhole was discovered. After years of filling in the hole with everything imaginable and refilling the lake, the school gave up. It is now just a natural area. Behind the “lake” is the old stretch road leading to mountain campus. A lot of mountain bikers use this road. It is a more natural trip than the Viking Trail.
•This is the rest of the loop combined with the Viking Trail that I hope to plant with boxes to make a 7.5 mile round trip.

The Clues: Once on campus you will want to head toward the mountain campus. As you drive, watch out for deer, you will see a granite monument on your right at the edge of a field. You want to turn right onto a dirt road immediately past this monument. Park there. Walk around the yellow gate and continue down the dirt road. Eventually you will come to a stone bridge. (I can remember how beautiful this was over the lake!) Cross over the bridge. About 8 steps off the concrete you will see a faint footpath on the right. Walk down this path to go to the bottom of the bridge. Stay on this side though. Walk across the concrete towards the “beginning” of the bridge. You should see a natural rock wall. Just before the wall there is a ledge of concrete with a bush growing at the beginning of it. If you follow this ledge, it points exactly to the hole. The box is in a hole in the wall covered by a stone. The hole is before the wall takes a turn.

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