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First aid neededCharles Harris LbNA #11592

Owner:Lady Buzz Contact
Plant date:Oct 10, 2004
City:Pine Mountain
Found by: fern
Last found: Jul 26, 2018
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 10, 2004
Difficulty: Easy

Many, many thanks go to The C Team for planting this box! They definitely get to count this one as a "P!" ~LB

Box #3 of the Georgia Counties Series

In this hunt, you are searching for the namesake of the county you’re in. Charles Harris, born in England in 1772, was a distinguished Savannah attorney who died in 1827, close to the time when Harris County was established. He was well-respected and considered to by many to be the best lawyer in Georgia at the time. He is buried in the old Colonial Cemetery in Savannah next to his beloved family.

Dowdell’s Knob is off of Hwy. 190 on the way to Warm Springs. The Pine Mountain Trail runs by there. Dowdell’s Knob was President F.D. Roosevelt’s favorite picnic spot overlooking a magnificent view of the valley below. He spent a lot of time in this area while in his home at Warm Springs in the 1930’s and 40’s.

After looking at the view, turn to opposite side of parking lot and find the trailhead for the Pine Mountain Trail. At the marker sign, take a right. You will walk for a nice distance, maybe 10–15 minutes. The trail will go through a large rock formation. Stop at the beginning of this formation. Go just past the 2nd tree with the blue blaze, 4 steps. You should see a 3 trunk tree to the left. Turn North (R) to the rocks. Walk the slight path and up the rock ledge. On the top of the ledge, look at 50 degrees, you should see a tree just behind a rock grouping. Take 19 steps towards that tree. The box is buried in a crevice of the rock grouping in front of that tree. It should be on your right.

Please be cautious in your hunt. Use caution and common sense! All the usual disclaimers apply – be careful of poison ivy and watch out when reaching into what might be someone else’s home! ;)