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Colton's Critters LbNA #11560

Owner:Rabbit's Relations Contact
Plant date:Oct 10, 2004
County:St. Lawrence
Found by: Scoot
Last found:May 16, 2010
Last edited:Oct 10, 2004
While visiting relatives in the area, we spent a lovely afternoon letterboxing in Colton, NY. We returned to the Raquette River to plant our own box! This trail is a very easy hike through the woods with some small hills but nothing strenuous. Not for strollers or wheelchairs, but our three-year-old had no difficuly keeping up.

Colton's Critters Letterbox is located on the Stone Valley Trail. The trailhead is next to the Museum on River Road (off Main street, which is reached by Route 56).

To find "Colton's Critters", set off from the Museum trailhead. The path begins on the Niagra Mohawk access road, but the trail soon crosses over the huge pipe via a brown metal bridge and you'll see the blue trail markers.
Follow the trail down several little hills and alongside the river. You will pass a large sign warning you to STOP and stay on the trail due to the possibility that water levels may change rapidly (presumably if the dam is opened). (Actually, there are two signs in close proximity - the second is broken over backwards.) At this point the trail turns slightly away from the river, then back toward the river again. At this next approach, there is a small clearing right at the edge - the cliff face is shear and there is no underbrush along the dropoff. The trail seems to skirt along the cliff edge, but if you walk just a couple of steps farther "inland", you will pass between two sets of trees: a single tree on the right (riverside) and a double tree with ferns growing in the middle on the left. Stand with your back against the single tree on your right, and look up the hill through the double tree. Framed by the double tree you will see a twin beech tree a short distance up the hill. Your treasure awaits you behind this tree, covered with leaves, branches, and a rock dragged up from the river bed for good measure.
Just as we were about to plant this box, another group of hikers hailed us from across the river - the trail on that side of the Raquette passes very close to the edge at just that point - so be sure to look around for observers!
If you come to a fork in the trail, you have gone too far (but not by much).
Enjoy the hike!

Please let us know if you find this box in good condition - we don't want the critters of Colton to run off with Colton's Critters!
P.S. The first to find this box will also find one of Rabbit's Friends and Relation's hitchhikers!