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Old Hat LbNA #11533

Owner::Vindkald: Contact
Plant date:Oct 11, 2004
Location: Moss Rock Preserve
Found by: :Vindkald:
Last found: May 25, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 29, 2015
This letterbox has been restored to new condition and hidden in a new spot as of 5/24/15. I've included a Hitchhiker as an added bonus for the first person to find this box!

Old Hat has a double meaning. This was the first personal stamp of the original placer of this box, but it had become "old hat" to him. His brother carved it for him just prior to taking him on his first letterboxing expedition. He later carved himself a more meaningful personal stamp and decided to honor his brother with this letterbox.

This letterbox is placed at the Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover. From I-459, exit onto US-31 N. Drive 0.4 miles and turn left onto Patton Chapel Road. Go about 2 miles then turn left onto Preserve Parkway. You'll go through the first roundabout, then pass some restaurants and shops, then you'll come to a 2nd roundabout. Take the first exit on the right from the roundabout and park in the Boulder Field Trailhead parking lot.

From the trailhead, follow the main access trail until you reach the white trail which follows the creek. Turn left on that trail towards Frog Pond. Keep following the trail marked with white blazes on the trees as you pass through several clusters of boulders. The trail will start to get more sandy as you're getting closer to the box. Keep going until you see a spot where there are a lot of large flat boulders in the middle of the stream and the trail turns to the right. After a recent rain, it's quite a nice place to set up a hammock and relax as there's a series of small waterfalls and a small sand beach.

Look for a cluster of trees growing immediately next to the trail. Turn your back to the trail and take 12 paces into the woods. Look to your right and you'll see the backside of a pile of mossy boulders. A medium sized tree and a small tree are growing fro the same wide base wedged between two boulders. The letterbox is hidden behind a rock about 3 feet to the left.

Please take utmost precaution when reaching into the hole for the box. When re-hiding, make sure that the box and the ziplocs are sealed well and that the box is well-hidden behind rocks. There is a lot of traffic in the area and a lot of kids, so try not to let anyone see you pulling or replacing the box.

You will need to bring your own ink and pen/pencil. Good luck!