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Water Pump Box LbNA #11097

Owner:ackletterboxer Contact
Plant date:Sep 24, 2004
Found by: graveyard ghost
Last found: Oct 11, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 24, 2004
Water Pump

Once you are on Nantucket go to the Mile Stone Rotary to let the journey begin. Take the straighter road to the village that lies seven miles from here. After you pass a course or two the road will fork. You will want to take the fork to bring you by Misty’s house. Follow the road up the hill to the stop; look for the woodman to be on the left. You may want to dine at what used to be the Chanticleer, but you will need a reservation. I hope you find Daisy’s Cot. Look for the cobbles of long ago. The well was dug in 1776 for both man and beast. Stand at the rock and look east for the treasure you seek.

This is a historic site on Nantucket Island, very popular to photograph, paint and just look at. You may want to do this one in the off-season October to April.

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Have fun.