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Holiday Spirit series LbNA #11054 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:toolie bird
Plant date:Sep 18, 2004
Found by: Chrissy (3)
Last found:Feb 16, 2018
Last edited:Sep 18, 2004
I was getting into the holiday spirit the other day. These are easy boxes on an easy to moderate trail. It may take about an hour.

These boxes are planted at Stewart Woods, Shelton.

Stewart Woods & Hope Pond are located on Nell's Rock Road. Park in the gravel lot.

At kiosk go left onto white blazed Oak Valley trail. Walk over two plank bridges. Right before you join with the orange trail look for the tulip "W". Facing the "W" look left up hill. Walk 10 steps to find the "Silver Bell".

Continue on white trail. Walk over another plank bridge (be careful over rocks). The trail splits in the field. Follow white toward power lines to the right, do not re-enter woods yet). At first line tower carefully walk up the hill of rocks on the left. Directly in front of the mountain laurel look for the split rock. Here you will find the "Candy Cane".

Continue on white trail. This can get a bit muddy at times. Pass the yellow/white split (stay on white). Soon after split there is a stone wall on right. Walk thru the opening in the stone wall on right toward the large stump. Turn around, the "Pine tree" is in the back side of the wall.

Follow white until it joins orange. Follow orange, this is Dominick Trail. This will lead you back to the lake. This is not a loop around the lake trail, so now you walk the backside of the lake to get back.

Walk through the pine forest. Pass the opening in the trees where you can see your car across the lake. A short way along, look for boulders on the right. Look under the back side of the boulder big enough to be a park bench. Here you will find the "Wreath"

Continue on orange to loop around lake. Follow to orange/white then follow white to return to your car.
I would love to hear feedback since these are the first boxes I have planted.