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Red Mountain Letterbox LbNA #1100

Plant date:Mar 4, 2003
Planted by:The Nail Family
Found by: PunkSoulBrother
Last found:Nov 2, 2009
Last edited:Mar 4, 2003
The Red Mountain Letterbox
(Mesa, Arizona)
by Nailhead of the Nail Family
Placed 3/4/03

STATUS: This letterbox which had been previously been confirmed as mising has been recently recreated and replaced to a new hiding spot. The clues that follow are correct for its new location as of 8-3-03. Enjoy!
Update: Verified alive and well 11/24/03.

Location: Granite Reef Park, Mesa, AZ, Maricopa County
Difficulty: clues-very easy, trail-even easier
Distance: less than 1/2 mile round trip
Access fee: $4 per day, $2 for qualified seniors. Use fee is valid at any Tonto National Forest access area for the day purchased. A ticket machine is located in the parking lot.

Granite Reef Park is on the south side of the Salt River (Rio Salado) at the confluence of the Verde River. The park, part of the Tonto National Forest boasts a very impressive view of Red Mountain across the river. Red Mountain is a major landmark in the Mesa/Tempe area which can be seen from all over the desert area. In pioneer times, all major roads running east and west to and from Mesa referenced Red Mountain as an easily identified landmark to navigate by. The park is nestled in a very nice little mesquite bosque or thicket along the river. The soil is very rich here and the mesquite trees grow well next to the river. This is a popular spot with locals for picnics and fishing in the river which holds many popular gamefish such as Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Catfish and Rainbow Trout. It is a rare park in that is one of the few shady parks in the area.

Drive in and park in the parking lot at this small park.
Make sure you purchase a day use ticket (the ticket is good for any Tonto National Forest access site for the day of purchase so dont lose it, there could be other Mysterious boxes located nearby. hint,hint).

Start at the picnic area on the West end of the park.
Walk along the fence and pass thru the opening in the fence and between the large stones to the undeveloped part of the park that runs downstream along the river.

Locate the well defined bank clearing that is obviously used for fishing. When you find the correct clearing you will also find a path (not a road or car track) that heads directly south. Follow this southbound path roughly 75 paces to a clearing. At the edge of the clearing and to the left of the path are rocks. The Red Mountain Letterbox is there. This is the Sonoran Deser and of course, scorpions and rattlesnakes hide in rocks, use a stick to poke around.

Because this park is very popular due to its proximity to the river and its shady trees, it is very crowded at times. Please be very discreet when finding the box and rehide carefully so as not to make the box evident or to disturb the natural area.

After logging in and rehiding, continue along the trail if you like or saunter back to the picnic area for a rest in the shade.

I hope you enjoy the river, the mountain, and the box.

Send any comments to

Warning: scorpions, snakes, spiders, and other malcontents often encroach on the natural habitat of letterboxes. Take care to not reach in to any crevices or holes without using a poke stick first to make the critters mad. Once you have made the animals sufficiently angry, then reach in for the box.