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TFL Letterbox LbNA #10807

Owner:Christie Contact
Plant date:Sep 5, 2004
County:British Columbia, CAN
Last found:Jul 6, 2006
Last edited:Sep 5, 2004
GPS Coordinates are given as well as landmarks for this letterbox.

GPS: 50.83645N :Between the two bridges. Enjoy the waterfront.Then turn North by Northwest to see your final destination. Look UP!

118.99342W : Travel east to junction of highway 1 & 97.

50.83829N: North by Northwest on the Solsqua Sicamous Road.

118.97330W: After the tracks go right

50.84810N: Take this road to access your destination. 6KM to the
118.96590W: turn off.

50.86063N: After admiring the view of Sicamous from an altitude of 1058m above sealevel.

118.99624W: Turn around and look up. Look from an
Elevation 1058m above sealevel for a fallen tree. What you seek is is cached under this tree, hidden from view by a rock.

This box was checked on August 28, 2006 and it is intact and doing well!