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Philo LbNA #10760

Owner:Puppybreath Contact
Plant date:Aug 24, 2004
City:Trapper Creek
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 24, 2004
This letterbox is hidden in the Denali State Park, on the Little Coal Creek Trail.

The trailhead of the Little Coal Creek Trail is at mile 163.9 of the George Parks Highway (HWY 3). Park your car there, and start your hike.

After approximately 3 miles you will reach the North Fork Birdhouse/Lunch Spot.

Continue hiking towards Indian Mountain.

After a half hour to an hour of serious climbing, the narrow trail expands to an open area. This is the only spot with an alpine tree at its center (before you reach Indian Mountain).

Face the tree, looking toward Indian Mountain. I.e., you will be looking toward Indian Mountain with the tree between you and the mountain.

On your right will be the creek.

On your left you will see a trail going uphill.

Take the trail on your left. Climb about 15 steps, to the first tree on the right of the trail.

Look under that tree.