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Home of the Woodland Fairy LbNA #10588

Plant date:Sep 3, 2004
City:Harrison Township
Planted by:Double Dragon Contact Inactive
Found by: S*O*A*R*
Last found:Jun 19, 2012
Last edited:Sep 3, 2004
Home of the Woodland Fairy MISSING as of 3/29/08

This letter box is located at Metro Beach at the end of Sixteen Mile Road in Harrison Township. The box is located in their nature area which is on the right as you pass the ticket gate. To begin, take the trail just past the nature center, there you will see the entrance to the nature walk this is where your adventure begins. Don’t forget a pen and a compass!

You hear of a tale of the woodland fairy Gigit, who lives deep within the marshland forest. To all that can find her she grants a wish. Of course, you don’t believe it, but seeing as you having nothing else to do today you set out upon your quest.

Your first stop takes you to the town just left of the forest entrance. Here you try to locate a clue as to where you can find the fairy Gigit. Feeling parched you enter a tavern to quench your thirst. A short energetic barmaid named Geraldine hurries up to you and takes your order. At her return she sets down a cool glass of house ale. You pay for your drink and pass an additional five gold pieces to the barmaid. With a wink you ask her if she knows anything about Gigit. She tells you your first clue. Within her last name contains the spelling of a number. Without rearranging any letters in her name, find the number and write it down you will need it later. On your way out of the tavern Geraldine tells you to follow the path past the valley of six pillars. This should guide you to the next town.

With your first clue in hand you set off down the trail. As you move along you notice on your right the valley of six pillars. But looming up the path to your left you spot a massive two headed giant. Embittered by Geraldine’s lack of information and your considerably lightened pockets, you quickly duck into the next town to avoid confrontation. Immediately you notice the unkempt façades of the buildings. Once full of Natures Beauty, Graffiti now scars this town. A passing townsman notices you gawking at the vandalism and asks what you are doing in these parts. You tell him you are searching for the fairy Gigit, and were told you could find a clue here. He tells you of a poet named Robert who lives at the end of the town in a house with a plaque on the door. On this plaque there contains a message with many words that contain two of the same letters side by side. Add each double letter do not leave out the name. Write down the number for you will need it later.

You slip out past the two headed giant and continue down the path. On your left you pass the meadow of two pillars. Keep to your left so as not to get lost. Back into the woods you go. Seeing as you are pressed for time you take the marsh trail. Up ahead you spot a bridge with two weeping witches guarding the entrance to the marsh. The witch to the south beckons you to the castle which was once occupied by the Duke of Earl. She tells you a tale about the beautiful Duchess who forever mourns the loss of her Duke. You enter the castle and are immediately met by a woman whose beauty reflects the month she was named after. You ask her for information about Gigit. She tells you that her name denotes this numbered month of the year. Write down the number for later use. Seeing as she has not had a visitor in ages, she tells you she would love to take you for a counterclockwise tour to the neighboring villages around the lake. You should find more clues along the way.

The first village you pass contains a lovely inn owned by Fred and Doris. The sign above the door shows the year it was founded. The Duchess tells you to add up each number in the year for your next clue. Continuing up the path to the Town of Stuart, she tells you of the town’s motto that each villager lives by. Add up the words in this quote and write down the number for later use. The Town of Thomas, she tells you, was founded by a member of the Temple of the Bird, for they love nature. You notice the date on the town sign. The last digit of the year will help you in your quest. As you return to the castle you thank the Duchess for all of her help. Bowing gracefully she points you southward toward the Temple of the Bird.

Flanked to your left by the river you continue your journey. Keep on the path until you are met by a bridge on your right. The bridge leads you to the temple out on the marsh. A Druid dressed in blue named Heron greets you as you enter the temple. After you ask him for information, he tells you to look skyward and count each flightless bird holding the structure up (you should get a double digit number). Write this number down. As you both stand in the center of the temple he tells you to look due north. Across the upper most horizontal beam there are knotholes in the wood. Count these knotholes, even the small ones, to get the next clue. Write this number down. Paying your final respects to the Druid he tells you turn southward on the trail once again. He also tells you that you are almost at the end of your quest. Before you return to the trail add up all the numbers that you have obtained on your travels (you should have 8 numbers to add up). Once back upon the southern trail use this final number to count off the paces to find the very small fairy trail west of the path.

As you walk down the trail you quickly come across a slumbering four headed silver dragon. He appears to be just to the right of the path. Looking to the left you see the twisted horn of a dark unicorn peeking out through the wooded area. Enchanted you walk toward it. There behind the mystical creature you find the home of the woodland fairy!!!!!!!!