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Power to the People LbNA #10323

Owner:Okie in Alaska Contact
Plant date:Aug 22, 2004
Found by: Nana Lynn
Last found: Aug 12, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 22, 2004
This box was hidden by the old powerhouse ruins in the valley not far from the Mendenhall Glacier. The powerhouse was built in 1914 by the Treadwell Mining Company who dammed Nugget Creek, dug a tunnel to carry water through the ridge, then built a huge wooden pipe to transport the water from the end of the tunnel to the powerhouse to make electricity for their mining operations near Douglas. Not much is left today.

You can get there by several different routes including one that starts from the Glacier Visitors Center, but the route I am posting here is a fairly easy hike. I have even taken a stroller on this one. You will need a compass to find this box but don't worry it's very basic compass use.

Go up Mendenhall Loop Road like you are going to the glacier. The very last right (it's after Garnet St.) is a road that pulls off at an angle and then dead ends at some large rocks that block the rest of the way to motorized vehicles but not to hikers. Park here.

About 1/2 way to 2/3rds of the way there is a trail that turns off to the right. This leads to a pretty waterfall and pond, be sure to check it out on the way back to the car.

When you get to the ruins to find the letterbox continue on the trail just past the ruins as if you were going to continue on towards the glacier. The trail starts again just past the pond. Immediately on the right side of the trail you will see an old concrete pylon in the ground. Stand on this and take a bearing of 280 degrees. Go in that direction until you can't go any more (you won't have far to go).

It's hidden behind another man made object although you won't be able to tell from the trail that it's man made. The box is camoflauged under some moss/pine needles but you should just be able to see it if you look behind the right obect. This letterbox is in a blue sealed rubbermaid sandwich container.

If you need help on how to follow a bearing read on:
Line up the directional red arrow on the plastic part of the compass with the 280 degree mark -turn the housing till they line up. Then you will do what's called boxing the needle. Turn the entire compass in your hand until the magnetic needle lines up with the N for north. Now look in the direction that the red directional arrow is pointing and hopefully if you have done it correctly it will point towards 280 degrees.

Please take care around the ruins as there is lots of rusty pipe and even old nails etc. Keep an eye on your kids as there is a large pool of water right beside it. The water level can vary greatly so once in a blue moon you might not be able to go around it without getting your feet wet or at all. Also bears have been known to frequent this area so keep a watch. If you have any trouble finding this box or if it's in poor condition or even if you just had a good time finding it, please email me. I would love to hear about it.