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Great Swamp Monument LbNA #10

Plant date:Jan 12, 2002
City:West Kingston
Planted by:laurette
Found by: roscoe45
Last found:Jul 21, 2013
Last edited:Jan 12, 2002
This is the 1st box I ever placed.

RATING: Easy 2 mile round trip on old abandoned dirt road

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Take Rt. 2 South into West Kingston. About 1 mile past the junction of Rt. 138, look for the old white historical marker Great Swamp Monument on the left, just past Liberty Lane. At the sign, take a left onto Great Swamp Monument Drive (a bumpy dirty road) and park at the gate.

CLUES: From the parking area follow the old road easterly to the old circular parking area. From there, the grassy road leads east again out to the monument. The monument is placed at the sight of the Great Swamp Massacre of Sunday, December 19, 1675. During King Philips War the Narragansetts took refuge on this piece of high ground in the swamp. They would have been well protected from their enemies but a cold spell froze the waters of the swamp. The Colonist led by Benjamin Church, marched across the ice and charged the encampment setting it on fire and killing almost 1,000 Narragansetts, many of them women and children. The monument is a huge granite monolith ringed by 4 granite stones representing the colonial regiment.
Stand at the North side of the monolith. Walk 42 paces at 10º to reach a small deer trail on your right. There is a white pine at 45º of great girth about 15 feet from where you stand. Bushwhack in to unearth a slice of history on the north side of the tree under a stone.

Please put the log book in the baggie. The ink pad and stamp go in the other baggie. Seal tightly and rehide carefully.
last found in good condition on November 24, 2003