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Playground View LbNA #76913

Owner:GStroop1262 Contact
Plant date:May 9, 2024
Location: Robious Landing Park
Found by: The Happy Feet Crew
Last found:Jun 16, 2024
Last edited:May 10, 2024
This letterbox was created by Brownie troop #1262 while working on their Letterboxer badge :-)

1. Start at Pavilion/Shelter 2.

2. With your back to the pavilion, facing the parking lot, follow the trail.

3. Take the first left.

4. You’ll see a low wooden bridge but no water flowing under it.

5. Go over the bridge and continue to follow the trail.

6. At the end of the trail, go to the left and look for the circle of 5 trees. Standing at the trees, with your back to the playground, look for a small trail.

7. Follow the trail a few steps until you see a tree that could be described as “double,” “V” or “forked.”

8. The box you seek is at the base of the tree.
(coordinates: 37°33’30” N, 77°39’24” W)

*Feel free to take a SWAP and/or leave a SWAP!