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Rainbow of White's Woods LbNA #76446

Plant date:Mar 4, 2023
Location: White's Woods
Found by: smariev (4)
Last found:Apr 16, 2023
Last edited:Jul 3, 2023
There once was a Leprechaun named, Loki that lived in the Carriage House at White’s Woods. One day he saw a rainbow in the sky and he said “Let's find me some Gold!” Loki ventured onto the yellow Trail, also known as the Ice House Ruins Trail. While wandering the yellow trail, Loki came to a fork in the road and kept right. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a glimmer coming from a stone wall. He took a right onto the green trail and made a small path leading up the stonewall towards a large ash tree. He peered down the stone wall and saw another small ash tree and something gleaming from inside of the stonewall. Just past the barb wire, Loki saw a rainbow colored rock and thought he was close. He found a few loose rocks in the stone wall and looked underneath. Loki didn’t find the Pot of Gold that he was looking for but he did leave his mark! He decided to head back to the yellow trail. He followed the trail to the Left and decided to play some tricks by bending some trees to resemble rainbows to walk under. As you continue along the trail you will cross a few foot bridges. After you cross the 2nd bridge and continue on the trail, you will go around a bend and on your left you will come to a 4 Sister tree with a 5th tree that is dead. There you will find the Rainbow that Loki is following.

(Please beware of Muggles and take this box to a less traffic location to stamp if necessary. Please hide well and watch for Muggles when rehiding the box!)

Loki was starting to feel defeated in his search for Gold. He took a right onto the Green Trail and pushed down an enormous tree in frustration. You could see all of the roots and a big hole that was left from the tree being pushed over. Behind this tree on the left hand side, over the stonewall and adjacent to the beginning of more pushed over rainbow trees that Loki made, you’ll find a lucky clover. It was then that Loki realize that he was close to finding the Gold! As he continued the Green Trail, Loki followed the colorful rainbow onto the Red Trail. As he came upon another bridge, in a clearing to the right, Loki finally saw the Rainbow that he has been looking for! At the end of that rainbow tree you will find the Pot of Gold that Loki has been searching for. Continue to follow the Red Trail around the pond and back to your car. Continue to follow the Red Trail around the pond and back to your car.

Happy Hunting and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hike length: 1-2 miles