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Rivers Running Through TALE Series LbNA #76443

Owner:Silver Eagle Contact Supporter
Plant date:Mar 3, 2023
County:Fort Bend
Found by: Origami Hen (8)
Last found: Mar 9, 2023
Hike distance:1-2 mi
Last edited:Mar 6, 2023
Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 1.2 mile RT)
Status: alive

This series celebrates the rivers found near several TALE sites over the years. You must guess the TALE anniversary number when these letterboxes were placed within 5 guesses to see the clues.

Box 1: Brazos River - TALE 2
TALE 2 was held at the Hale Lake Picnic Pavilion in Brazos Bend SP on March 19, 2005. It was our first "Boxing on the Brazos" event and it was notable for the Wild West Clue game and Beignet Eating Alien (BEA) incident.

Box 2: Brazos River - TALE 9
TALE 9 was also held at Brazos Bend SP, but at the Dining Hall on March 3, 2012. Its theme was "Get Wild", which was easy to do with all the alligators and crazy letterboxers around.

Box 3: Brazos River - TALE 13
TALE 13 was held at the Group Hall in Stephen F. Austin SP on April 1-3, 2016. Its theme was "Fooling Around" and we celebrated April Fool's Day on a different part of the Brazos River with several pranks and gag raffle prizes.

Box 4: San Marcos River - TALE 7
TALE 7 was held at the CCC Pavilion in Palmetto SP on March 6, 2010. Its theme was "Tex-Mex" and we celebrated Mexican culture along the San Marcos River, marred only by a snake biting Lucy Locket.

Box 5: Navasota River - TALE 8
TALE 8 was held at the Dining Hall in Fort Parker SP on March 5, 2011. Its theme was "Go Native" and we celebrated American Indian culture along Fort Parker Lake, created by a dam on the Navasota River.

Box 6: Neches River - TALE 14
TALE 14 was held at the Group Hall in Martin Dies, Jr. SP on March 25, 2017. Its theme was "March Madness" and we celebrated everything from basketball to the Irish along Steinhagen Reservoir, created by a dam on the Neches River.

Box 7: Guadalupe River - TALE 16
TALE 16 was held at the Dining Hall near the Guadalupe River in Kerrville-Schreiner Park on March 2, 2019. Its theme was "Texas Proud" and we celebrated Texas on its anniversary of declaring independence in 1836.

Box 8: Brazos River - TALE 20
TALE 20 was our third event at Brazos Bend SP and was held at the Dining Hall on March 4, 2023. Its theme was "A River Runs Through It" and it celebrated all the Texas rivers running through TALE.

Guess the TALE anniversary number between 1 & 100 Hint Tries


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