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Girl Power: Take 2 LbNA #73180

Plant date:Jul 29, 2018
City:Longview, AB
County:Alberta, CAN
Location: Cat Creek Falls
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jul 30, 2018
We planted a "Girl Power" letterbox last summer, but never posted clues, and then when we went back to check it today, it was gone. So here's attempt number two. Different location, which I think will be much safer than the first.

Accessible: June 15 - November 30. Use judgement regarding weather.
Level of Terrain: easy/moderately easy hike - we did it last year with our 3-yr-old walking.
Time required after parking: Approx 1 hr to letterbox and back, but you should plan an extra half-hour (roundtrip) total to get the rest of the way to the waterfalls. It's lovely!

Head west from Longview on Hwy 40. You'll go past "Highwood House" (gas station), and at this point, there is a gate that is closed during the winter. You will not be able to get past it from December 1 through June 14.

From Highwood House, go about 5 km further west/north as the highway bends around. You'll notice a parking area on your right, which you could use, and then proceed uphill on foot. Or you could turn left and park in the Cat Creek day-use area, and then proceed up the trail, cross the highway, and continue. Or (what we did) go slowly past (north of) the turn-in for the Cat Creek day-use area, and watch the pavement. You'll notice a (faded) painted cross-walk on the highway. We parked in the ditch on the left, walked across the highway, and proceeded from there.

As you hike, you'll notice placards with information about the terrain/area. You will pass the following:
1) Travel in the Highwood
2) Valley Terraces
3) The Pine Forest
4) Blowdown

After the "Blowdown" marker, you'll eventually come to a man-made set of steps and switchbacks. But before the switchback (gentle descent) toward the left/straight, you'll see a steeper trail on your right. Proceed past the steeper trail, and then immediately step down over the trail-edge-log on your right and stand downhill. Look up under the very first log/post. You'll see a rock, and wedged under the log, behind that rock, is a red letterbox. Please wedge it firmly back up under there when you're finished. I'm worried about rain washing it away.

You really should proceed another 15-20 minutes to the bridges and then waterfall. It's cool!

Hike length: 1-2 miles