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Flume Flow LbNA #71511

Owner:Baby Bear Contact
Plant date:Jun 1, 2017
Location: Franconia Notch SP
State:New Hampshire
Found by: grammy719
Last found:Jul 8, 2024
Last edited:Jun 11, 2017
Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Letterbox: 100 yards

Box hidden near entry to Flume Gorge. We got there to late and could not go in, so box is in picnic area and can be accessed any time.

From Lincoln, Go north on I-93 to Franconia Notch SP, then look for signs for parking at Flume Gorge. Park in one of the lots.

To the Letterbox:
Walk to the visitor center front, and kiosk near Trout pond. Go left on sidewalk uphill along the wood rail. Pass picnic bench on right, then come to another parking area. See sign on right for "Motorcycle Parking Only" Go off trail to right to the first big rock on the right. On left side of that rock is a crevice, with 2 smaller rocks on top of the box in that crevice.

Hike length: 0.1 miles