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First aidGone Kayaking LbNA #65223

Plant date:Jul 12, 2013
Location: Robinson Lake Boat Launch
Found by: KfasaPuzzleButterflyStar
Last found:Apr 2, 2016
Last edited:Jul 12, 2013
Robinson Lake is a small lake nestled near the Canadian border which offers a perfect opportunity for learning to kayak. In fact, I went kayaking for the first time ever on this lake. It's actually deceptively simple, just make sure to paddle with your core and not your arms. The U shape of the lake is perfect for practicing!

Driving Directions:
Travel north on Hwy 95 for 25 miles from Bonners Ferry, Idaho. You'll see the turn off for the campground first, but don't turn in there. The turn off for the boat ramp is another mile or so past the campground exit. Take a left at both the first and the second Ys to get to the boat launch. There are a couple of parking spots, some picnic tables, and a vault toilet in addition to the boat launch.

While I though about putting this box out in the lake where you had to paddle to get it, you won't need a boat. Walk down to the boat launch. Just before you get to the water's edge, you'll see a small trail to the left. Follow the trail past 5 trees on your right hand side. The sixth tree on the right will be half of a tree portal. Getting a full-size kayak through here would be difficult! From the tree portal, looks straight ahead for the next large ponderosa. You'll see a pile of rocks between it and it's skinny neighbor. This letterbox is a tiny film container hidden beneath the SPOR. Look carefully and rehide well and enjoy the lake!