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Pho Fish LbNA #45611

Plant date:Aug 13, 2007
Planted by:Calgirls
Found by: Sophie's Pirates
Last found:Jun 16, 2012
Last edited:Aug 13, 2007
PHO fish
Note : Wear running shoes
Difficulty: Easy

On the main road of Eureka turn at the Subway (only option). Follow this road to the garden center, turn right at the road named for the newest form of transportation (the price of this is sky rocketing). You will come to a fishing access sign, turn left and enjoy the bumpy road. Head for the public fishing access on the left (watch for the signs). Upon entering, park by the lone evergreen tree surrounded by rocks. You may wish to stop for a bite to eat. Walk down the winding road over two tiny rubber walls. Soon you will have a beautiful view of the lake. Keep walking past the outhouse. To a giant rock in a sea of grass. Head to the information sign, stand with your back to the sign. In the sea of grass you will see an old tree stump, sit on it. Make a right angle with your arms point your left hand to the island where does your right hand point?? From this immovable object take thirty steps to a stand of trees. In this grove find an ancient stump on the hill to your right. Stand in front of the stump looking uphill. Bend down, go right and dig (a little).

Good luck and happy hunting.

Baby Bonnobos