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Mormon Pass Paws LbNA #36668

Owner:LV Hiker62 Contact
Plant date:Nov 12, 2007
City:Las Vegas
Found by: Okie Travelers
Last found:Aug 29, 2009
Last edited:Nov 12, 2007
Take 95 North out of Vegas. Go about 10 miles out of town and turn east on Corn Creek Rd. Stop and sign in at the Nature Preserve. Keep heading east. Take the right fork. (Mormom Wells Rd.) Go about 28 miles to the summit. This is a class 2 dirt rd. You dont really need a 4x4 but a good spare is a good idea. There is a picnic area along with tall trees at the summit. Just past the summit maybe a mile or so, there is a cement trough. This is Mormon Well. It was a watering stop 100 yrs ago or so. From the trough, follow the old pipes up a path. After about 500 yds, you will come to the remnants of an old cement catch basin. The treasure is underneath that. When I placed the box, there was water at the actual spring just above an ancient horse corral. There is alot of great history up in that area.

LV Hiker62