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Garbage Over French Waters LbNA #34742

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact
Plant date:Sep 2, 2007
Found by: Mermaids in Love
Last found:May 22, 2009
Last edited:Sep 2, 2007
Woo hoo! Back in business after a dastardly theft! New box, new book, new stamp.

This letterbox, Garbage Over French Waters, is located within view of California Historical Landmark # 980. And as you might guess the French waters are mineral baths, Vichy Springs. It was established in 1854 and according to the Vichy Springs brochure the springs produce naturally carbonated warm water and “’Champagne Baths’ first used thousands of years ago by Native Americans.” Buildings are restored, renovated and appear modern. I’d investigate this place if I had the bucks. Best thing would be either for you to visit and give me a report or for everyone to send me $5 and when I’ve saved enough I’ll report back. Howsomever, due to moderate poverty on my part we’re instead going to the old dump. To get to the old dump you must pass Vichy Springs Resort and Spa. Seems an odd choice for the City of Ukiah to have placed the old Waste Disposal Site so close and above the ancient mineral waters. Apparently, it did not harm the waters which purportedly “surge forth from miles deep within the earth.” Ukiah closed the dump about 15 years ago and now we have a transfer station in another lovely part of town.

Anyhow, to reach the dump follow the signs to Vichy Springs. Take the Perkins Street exit off Highway 101 in Ukiah and turn in the direction of Joplin, Missouri. Piece of cake. Cross over the bridge, turn left and you can’t miss the signs. Continue a short distance past Vichy Springs. Soon you will have a choice. Take the high road as far as you can go. There are a few No Parking signs, but I wouldn’t worry about them as I don’t think anyone patrols here. So for a special thrill park right under a No Parking sign. Then peer through the gate and see the old shack wherein a naked lady mannequin used to relax in a lawn chair and a city employee took your dollars and waved you in to do your dirty work.

OK, as soon as you're done peering through the gate find the oak on the hill on your left. The oak which is not within the fenced in area and you can go right up to. Climb up there and go about 8 feet SE to the manzanita (which on 1/24/09 is about 5 feet high). Right behind the manzanita at the base of its trunk and under a stone and some leaves will be the Garbage Over French Waters Letterbox.

Thanks for coming! Please cover carefully when you rehide.

Happy letterboxing!