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First aidFlume Gorge LbNA #22778

Plant date:Jun 5, 2006
State:New Hampshire
Planted by:skier4444 Contact Inactive
Found by: grammy719 (2)
Last found:Jul 8, 2024
Last edited:Jun 5, 2006
checked and updated clues- 5/4/08
Easy- 2 miles, about 2 hrs (includes time to find boxes), 7 boxes. Go to Franconia Notch state park and get off at 34A, Flume Gorge exit. It was found by a 97 year old lady fishing. Ok get your ticket and head out the door, turn left and walk up a short flight of stairs, keep walking, cross the service rd, get to a V- head rt-down the hill towards the Flume Covered Bridge. Cross the bridge, now that you’re on the other side of the bridge-Look the on left, you will see a picnic table.
#1 –Flume Covered Bridge
Then look behind picnic table, see a pile of rocks, climb over the rocks, and you will see a dirt path heading towards the river. Take 20 steps towards the river on the dirt path, look to your rt-will see 2 big boulders #1-Flume Covered bridge will be under smaller boulder.
#2- Table Rock
Ok get back on the main trail, heading uphill, go by Boulder cabin, there are some exhibits and bathrooms in there. After you pass Boulder cabin- you will see Table rock ahead. But before get to the water, you see a bench on left. Behind it is a small dirt path, go 14 steps, look to rt, Bunch of roots coming out of a tree- you will see #2 -Table rock under the tree.
#3-Avalanche Falls
Back on the main trail- go up passed Table rock, go through the Flume Gorge. Go up 152 steps- seems like a lot- not to bad though, on left will see Avalanche Falls. Look for a rainbow on a sunny day, in the falls- you need to look close, and if you see it will bring you good luck. Keep going- straight ahead will see Bear Cave, check it out and see if there any bears in there. Then take a sharp left- up a flight of stairs with a metal bar. Right after stairs stop, go to the right over some rocks, Straight ahead will see a very large Boulder a short distance away- #3- Avalanche falls is under the boulder.
#4-Liberty Gorge
Back on the main trail again, you will get to a v- in the path, take a right, other path goes back to boulder cabin. Keep going- downhill now for ways. Go over a bridge that takes you across Liberty Brook, Do you see any fish swimming in Liberty brook?? After you cross the bridge, look to your right, see a small trail heading up the steam bank. Go up the little hill, then down the hill, turn around the way you came-, see the rock that you just walked over- look in one of the holes in the rock to find #4
Be sure to take the short spur trail to left and see Liberty gorge.
#5-Sentional Pine Bridge
Now coming to another Covered bridge- Sentional pine bridge, go by the 1st overlook. Walk down and look at the bridge from overlook. Come back up to main path. Before you head down stairs to cross the bridge, make a right, following the fence to the end. Will see a dirt path, take 8 steps. Look to your right; see a birch tree with roots growing out of the ground. #5- sentional pine bridge will be under birch tree.
#6 Wolf Den
Ok now cross the bridge, if you dare- go through the Wolf's den. If you don't want to you can bypass it.
Get to a fork, left fork takes you to view point of the Sentional pine bridge- My favorite place on the trail! Once come back up from overlook- trail V's- right is where you just came from, go left. Uphill climb now. 1/2 up hill- come to a bench on left- takes a rest! After your rest, go behind the bench on a small dirt past, go 30 steps- look to your right-between and under some birch tree roots
#7-Mt Overlook
Ok- now you have to start back uphill again, at top of hill- great view of Mt Liberty and Mt Flume. Now pretty much short and easy back to the start. On your left will see a sign- Struggle for Survival, telling you about why the trees grow on rocks. Look across trail- see bunch of rocks on right hand of side. Looking at them, there is 1 big one; next to it on right is a littler rock. what you are looking for is behind the little rock. Then you’re almost back at the building. This can be a busy place, so please make sure no one is watching you and replace boxes same place and hidden.
Hope you enjoyed your walk thro the Flume Gorge!
People who work here do know the boxes are out in the flume