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Guido's Hand - #1 (do) LbNA #18578

Plant date:Oct 10, 2005
Planted by:Urban Letterboxer
Found by: MattyB
Last found:Nov 17, 2023
Last edited:Oct 10, 2005
[Believed to be missing - or possibly was put back in the wrong place. The cover is white with red stripes. There is a sketch of hand on the front. If anyone spots it, please reshelve it according to the call number and it will be back in the "right" place. Thanks!]

Do, a deer, a female deer,
Re, a drop of golden sun . . .

This is the first box in a letterbox series that honors Guido d’Arezzo, a choir director for the Cathedral of Arezzo c.990–1050, who developed a form of sight-singing that is the basis for the solfege system used today. (For all you non-musician letterboxers, solfege is the use of the syllables do, re, mi, etc.)

Guido also designed a system of singing “by the hand.” He assigned different pitches to the knuckles and curves of the hand, pointed to the spot, and had the singers sing that note.

Guido’s Hand #1 (do) is on the University of Massachusetts Campus, Amherst, MA (Follow signs to park in the campus center parking garage).

Enter the W.E.B. Du Bois Library (tall red brick structure slightly southeast of the parking garage).

Go to the 21st floor.

Find the windows that allow you a view of the Old Chapel.

Look for ML423.G94 C1.

Guido’s Hand will be inside.

Please record your letterbox find here or at so that I can follow Guido’s progress.