When you prepare to carve your stamp, first invest in a set of linoleum block carving tools. Speedball makes a set for under $10 - get  spare #1 blades (package of 2, $2), as you will use this the most (it can also be carefully sharpened with a hand stone).

The Carving Consortium has several pages devoted to carving technique.  Above all, enjoy yourself. The art will follow!

A word about stamp pads: avoid the ones sold for business use (Sanford, et al, black and red only). Rather, go to an art or hobby-craft store and get pads made for hobby stampers (dye based ink), which come in luscious colors!



This is the "log-book" that you leave in the Letterbox for visitors to stamp into. Get a good quality artist sketch book, acid-free (not news-print like) if you want them to last a lifetime. Size is important - you don't want it too big for the container, also, having lots of pages leaves lots of space for many visitors. Strathmore makes some that are 3.5" x 5", which I think is a good size. #350-3 has 100 sheets, is nice and white, and good quality. Cost under $2. Put on a label with the Letterbox name, the date installed, and perhaps, your name and tel # (optional). I also add the Letterbox stamp on the first page, just for good measure.

Assuming that you will also look for others' boxes, get yourself a similar notebook. I think a slightly larger size  is better here, but its up to you. Folding flat for stamping is a nice feature to look for.


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