Letterboxing Links

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  • Letterboxing North America by LbNA
    letterboxing.org is the place to start your letterboxing adventure.

  • Atlas Quest by rscarpen
    Tutorials as well as a virtual logbook manager. Handles international boxes as well as North America

  • letterboxing.info by Silent Doug
    Devoted to providing information and resources for letterboxers, particularly if you're new to the hobby.

  • Letterboxing Code of Conduct by Atlas Quest
    Valuable information for safe and respectful letterboxing.

  • The Letterboxer's Companion by Mapsurfer
    The Letterboxer's Companion is a complete introduction to letterboxing. It includes a history of letterboxing, instructions on making personal stamps and letterboxes, letterboxing etiquette and conventions, basic land navigation techniques, writing and following clues--everything the aspiring letterboxer needs to get started in this fascinating, family-friendly pastime.

  • Letterboxing Talk List by LbNA
    The Yahoo! Group dedicated to letterboxing

  • New Letterboxers Group Talk List by Mark Pepe
    A discussion group which is centered around those new to letterboxing. Questions and comments about this new pastime are welcomed and encouraged.

  • Letterboxing 101 by Sojourner
    Letterboxing basics that everyone should know.

  • Hitchhiker Protocol by Morgun
    Explains how to remember all of the deails associated with dealing with those spesky hitchhikers.

  • Eraser Carving 101 by Stampeaz
    Getting started carving rubber stamps.

  • How to Make a Rubber Stamp by Der Mad Stamper
    An illustrated guide to making your own rubber stamp.

  • Stamp Mounting Tutorial by Bindle Boxers
    Pictorial on one way to mount your stamps

  • Connecticut Explorer's Guide by Bryan McFarland
    A comprehensive outdoor adventure resource featuring free online maps and guides. This is also a great resource for finding trails for letterboxing.

  • Fleur de Lis' Letterboxing Journal by Fleur de Lis
    Reflections on the pasttime in a journal format, as well as links to boxes placed

  • Hitchhiker Page by Wanda and Pete
    Track and report your hitchhiker

  • Irish Tinker's Letterboxes by Irish Tinker
    A list of Irish Tinker's letterboxes

  • Letterboxing in Scotland by Towanda
    Letterboxing has been slow to take off in Scotland, which is incomprehensible given the vast, beautiful, wild spaces here.

  • Letterboxing Northeast by Drewclan
    A collection of letterboxes by the Drew Family of East Lyme, Connecticut

  • Letterboxing with Chuck & Molly by Chuck & Molly
    Letterboxes in CT as well as several photo galleries of letterboxing gatherings

  • Letterboxing with Mark & Sue by Mark Pepe
    A website site that lists the letterboxes we have placed & found in 14 states.

  • Letterboxing With MommaFox and Bald Eagle by MommaFox and Bald Eagle
    Our letterboxing adventures and useful information pertaining to letterboxing.

  • Maplines Letterboxing Website by The Maplines
    Maplines Letterboxing Website

  • Mid Missouri Letterboxers by C2B2
    This small site is where folks who live in the middle of the middle of the MidWest can who enjoy letterboxing can exchange news and views.

  • Ryan's Letterboxing Website by rscarpen
    Links to placed boxes, as well as tutorials

  • Stamp-in-the-Box by SpringChick
    Letterboxes placed and found by SpringChick and OldShoe, "getting started" and stamp carving information.

  • Team Psychokiwi Letterboxes by Psychokiwi
    All the Psychokiwi letterboxes, plus all the known letterboxes in New Zealand